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Soviet Order of Lenin #49020



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Order of Lenin #49020


Awarded to Captain Boris Nikolaevich Tetenev (Борис Николаевич Тетенев)


For unconditional bravery in repelling numerous counter-attacks by the enemy during the Battle of Poznan. By doing so he eliminated hundreds of enemy troops, 2 heavy machine-guns, 2 light machine-guns and 1 anti-tank cannon. Capt. Tetenev remained in his position even after being wounded 



Made out of solid gold, platinum and enamels. Measures 43.24 mm in height including its eyelet, 38.46 mm in width and it weighs 32.2 grams without its suspension. The serial number and the mint mark are located on its reverse.


The order is in great, above average condition with its details crisp and light wear to higher parts only. Both sides show few dings and scratches. The enamels are generally well preserved considering the order is an early suspension variation. The gray enamels are flawless and the red enamels are mostly present and show some superficial chipping on the right side of the banner only. The red enamels on the top part of the banner, the small star and the hammer & sickle are problem free. Its connection ring has been cut and double layer steel suspension and ribbon are time period to the award.


In contrast to the fast majority of the suspension type Orders of Lenins who have been awarded for long service or labor accomplishments, this piece given for true combat actions. Rare as such!


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits: 

He exhibited examples of courage and unconditional bravery in the combat engagements for destruction of the encircled enemy troops near the town Poznan. On 07 February 1945, commanding his artillery squadron, Cpt. TETENEV repelled 3 enemy counter-attacks, eliminating in the process up to 380 enemy troops, 2 heavy machine-guns, 2 light machine-guns, 1 anti-tank cannon, and suppressed 3 enemy mortar platoons.

By the fire of his mortars, Cpt. TETENEV enabled our infantry to advance 3km further. At the same time, he and his squadron followed among the attacking rifle troops.

The Germans managed to encircle our battalion. Though being wounded himself, Cpt. TETENOV and his squadron repelled 14 ferocious enemy counter-attacks. When the encirclement by the enemy tightened, he called artillery strike on his own coordinates. Cpt. TETENEV precise and punishing mortar fire allowed to break through the enemy circle and inflicted up to 200 casualties to the enemy troops.

Discipline among the squadron troops under Cpt: TETENEV is high.

For exceptional examples of courage and bravery, Cpt. TETENEV deserves state award order “LENIN”.


Full translation of the research can be found below:

– register card

– citation


More information on Capt. Tetenev can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are (digitally):

  • an info sheet on the Order of Lenin
  • combat diary 246th Guards Rifle Regiment in Poznan in February 1945
  • combat diary of the 565th Mortar Regiment 46th Mortar Brigade on 07 February 1945
  • a document on the artillery units supporting 26th Guards Rifle Corps on 09 February 1945
  • a map of the encirclement of Poznan in February 1945
  • a map of the 246th Guards Rifle Regiment in Poznan
  • a map of the Poznan citadel 82nd Guards Rifle Division, 29th Guards Rifle Coprs



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