Soviet Order of Glory 3rd class #440958



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Order of Glory 3rd Class #440958


Awarded to private and driver Aleksander Kirillovich Timchenko (Александр Кириллович Тимченко)


For exhibited courage and bravery in the combat operations with his truck



Made of silver and enamels. Measures 45.85 mm in width; 48.15 mm in height and weighs 22.8 gram without its suspension.

This early order is in excellent, well above average condition with problem free enamels. The higher laying parts show light wear only and its details are all present. Its connection ring has not been cut.



Short translation of the research:

Тимченко Александр Кириллович, 1913
258 оарп 167 сд 4 УкрФ

private, driver of 258 separate truck supply company, 137 rifle “Summy-Kiev” Twice Red Banner division.
Ukrainian, none party member, In Patriotic war since January 1944.
Not wounded.

comrade TIMCHENKO has been working as a driver in the 258th separate truck supply company since January 1944. He proved himself as exceptionally honest and reliable soldier. His truck covered 80.000km wit just one major overhaul.
For his responsible attitude and fuel economy, he was granted a monetary bonus of two monthly salaries, 3000 rubles. Delivering ammunitions to the troops, he was subjected to enemy fire many times, but always could take his truck out of the danger in full operational capacity.
For exhibited courage and bravery in the combat operations, comrade TIMCHENKO deserves order “GLORY III CLASS”.

Commander of 258th separate truck supply company

Deputy rear commander of 167 rifle “Summy-Kiev” twice Red Banner division
Lt. Colonel KOKOVIN

21 May 1945



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