Soviet Order of Glory 3rd class #315063



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Order of Glory 3rd Class #315063


Awarded to Guards sergeant major Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (Иван Иванович Иванов)


For fixing 24 signal wire cuts under enemy fire in Hungary near Budapest




Made of silver and enamels. Measures 46.81 mm in width; 49.05 mm in height and weighs 23.5 gram without its suspension.

This early order is in a nice, above average condition with problem free enamels. The higher laying parts show medium wear but many details are still visible. Its connection ring has not been cut.


Short translation of the research:

Guards sergeant major IVANOV Ivan Ivanovich, born 1913. Awarded as a squad leader of 34 separate signals battalion.

Awarded for the action on 05 Dec 1944 for the operation in Hungary near Budepest, in which they supported 25 Guards rifle division.
By the end of the operation they reached the Eastern bank of Danube river.
IVANOV fixed 24 signal wire cuts under enemy fire during the day.
Recommended for OPWII, downgraded to OGIII.



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