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Soviet Order of Glory 3rd class #303275



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Soviet Order of Glory 3rd class #303275


Awarded to Scout Private Moses Arkhipovich Ivanov (Моисей Архипович Иванов)


For destroying 3 German soldiers with machine gun fire and thwarting the entire plan of the enemy which aimed to penetrate a Soviet location in Estonia. A day later Ivanov took a prisoner for interrogation and killed a German soldier in a reconnaissance mission to capture a ‘tongue’



Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 48.13 in width, 49.65 mm in height and it weighs 23.8 grams (not including its suspension).


In nice overall condition with most details still visible. The enamels are problem free without chipping or repairs and show some dings and contact marks only. Both sides show several scratches and a medium patina to the silver. The order comes with its time period, double layered steel suspension and its silver connection ring has not been cut.


Short translation of the citation:

“In the battles for the freedom and independence of the Socialist Motherland against the Nazi invaders and their henchmen, comrade IVANOV showed himself to be a brave and enterprising warrior.

On 06/26/1944, near the village of Putki, Estonian SSR, comrade Ivanov, when enemy intelligence tried to penetrate our location at the junctions of battle formations, destroyed 3 German soldiers with machine gun fire and thwarted the entire plan of the enemy.

On 06/27/1944, in the same area, comrade IVANOV, acting in reconnaissance to capture a ‘tongue’ [prisoner for interrogation] on a neutral approach, noticed a group of passing German reconnaissance observers and reported this to his commander, by order, opened automatic fire and boldly threw grenades at the enemy. In this battle, comrade IVANOV killed one German soldier, who intended and was ready to shoot at the head of the ‘tongue’. With decisive and skillful actions, our scouts captured 2 “tongues” and delivered them to the headquarters of the unit.

For the courage shown in battles with the enemy while performing a combat mission, comrade IVANOV is worthy of the governmental award of the order – “GLORY OF THE 3rd DEGREE”.”


More information on Private Ivanov can be found here



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