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Soviet Order of Alexander Nevsky #27134



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Order of Alexander Nevsky #27134


Никола Ботев


Awarded to Bulgarian Colonel Nikola Soyanov Botev (Никола Соянов Ботев)


For successfully completing his mission on March 6, 1945, near Csököly, aiding Russian troops in a critical situation. He skillfully led his regiment to push the enemy back by several kilometers and repelled multiple enemy attacks on March 7 and 8. He consistently acted as a steadfast leader, earning gratitude from both Russian and Bulgarian high command.


Colonel Botev is one of the only 70(!) foreigners who was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky and the only Bulgarian! 



Made of solid silver and enamels. It measures 51.49 mm in height, 50.09 mm in width and weighs 44.6 grams without its screwplate. The serial number and the mint mark Monetni Dvor are located at the 6 o’clock position underneath the screw.


In pristine condition with all details crisp and full gold plating present. Even the raised parts on the obverse show virtually no wear and the red enamels are absolutely stunning. Both sides show an appealing medium patina to the silver. Its screw has not been shortened and there have been no repairs. The order comes with its time period and well fitted screwplate.


This piece is absolutely superb in every aspect: nearly impossible to find in better condition, backed by amazing research, and extremely rare as it was awarded to a foreigner.


Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

As the commander 31 infantry regiment, he exhibited strength of spirits and successfully accomplished his combat mission on 06 March 1945 near the settlement Csököly. This provided vital assistance to the Russian troops, which found themselves in daring situation due to the enemy breaking through the line.

During the course of the battle, he skilfully and courageously led his regiment and he managed to push the enemy back by several kilometres.

On 07 March 1945 at 05:00, he successfully repelled an enemy attack. And then repelled 3 more enemy attacks (08 March 1945 at 02:10, 03:30, and 07:30).

Generally, the commander of 31 infantry regiment acted as an adamant persistent leader in all the most sever moments as well as in all the combat engagements of the division during the period 06-19 March and 28-31 March 1945. He executed brilliantly his combat missions, for which he and his troops received gratitude from the Russian , as well as the Bulgarian higher Command.

(The 31st Infantry Silistra Regiment suffered huge losses. Of the 2300 soldiers and officers 1333 were killed, wounded and missing without a trace)


The full translation of the citation can be read below:

– register card

– citation

More info about Col. Botev can be found here and here 


We found a biography on Col. Botev online. A translation and an excerpt can be read below:

The biography paper titled “Colonel Nikola Botev – Commander of the 31st Infantry Varna (Silistra) Regiment in World War II” by Natalia Mincheva focuses on Colonel Nikola Botev’s military achievements and personal qualities. Presented at the Ruse University’s International Scientific Conference, the paper highlights Botev’s role during Bulgaria’s final phase in WWII, including his leadership in the Drava defensive and Mur offensive operations. Born in 1899, Botev had a distinguished military career, serving in various regiments and teaching at the Military School. He commanded the 31st Infantry Regiment, which he renamed “Silistrenski,” and led it through significant battles, earning high commendation. Post-war, Botev contributed to military history and strategy and remained an active public figure until his death in 1981. His heroism and leadership are celebrated, with streets named in his honor and a monument in Silistra commemorating the regiment’s achievements.

The full translation can be read here


Information on foreigners receiving the Order of Alexander Nevsky can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are:

  • 3 digital images of Col. Botev (2 with him wearing this Order of Nevsky)
  • an infosheet on the Nevsky
  • the combat diary combat diary of the 299th Rifle Division in March 1945
  • a battle map of the 31st Infantry Regiment Bulgaria in March 1945
  • a map of Csököly (mentioned in the citation)
  • a picture of Col. Botev’s memoires
  • a pictures of the memorial for the 31st Infantry Regiment Bulgaria



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