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Soviet Medal of Nakhimov #87


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Medal of Nakhimov #87


Awarded to Petty Officer Vasilj Semyonovich Ragulin on the ЭМТЩ-17 minesweeper (Василий Семенович Рагулин) 


For clearing the Sevastopol harbour off the enemy mines and ensuring impeccable work of both the main and the electro-generator engines. As a result the minesweeper covered 1015 miles without any engine problems



Made of gold plated brass. It measures 36.15 mm in width, 44.38 mm in height and weighs 20.1 grams without its suspension. Featuring admiral Nakhimov surrounded by 110 ‘pearls’. The serial number, “570”, is hand engraved on the side of the medal. The minimum known serial number for this (sub)variation is 2 and the maximum is 1565.  


This Medal of Nakhimov is in nice condition with medium overall wear. There are several small dings and scratches on both sides but nothing distracting from the overall appeal of the medal. The higher laying parts of its obverse like Nakhimon’s face and the wreath still show a fair amount of details. Its reverse is in better condition with light wear and all details still visible. Its connection ring has been cut and both the suspension and ribbon are time period to the medal.


Desirable and scarce award with one of the lowest known serial numbers



Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or accomplishments:

“Petty officer second class RAGULIN has been the engine section commander of the fleet minesweeper ЭМТЩ-17 since January 1944. During the period of the boat maintenance and refitting, he personally and his team locally repaired the main engine. In the period since 01 October 1944, comrade RAGULIN daily has been servicing the mechanisms making 13-14 hours shifts and, thus ensuring impeccable work of both the main and the electro-generator engines. After each minesweeping tour, comrade RAGULIN checked and repaired the engine for the next mission. Thanks to his diligent technical preparations, the fleet minesweeper ЭМТЩ-17 covered 1015 miles without any engine problems nor technical delays during one month of minesweeping in the Sevastopol harbor. After a minesweeping tour on 26 October 1944, the main engine required cylinder sleeve replacement in such a manner, that it would not delay the mission. Comrade RAGULIN accomplished this work in one night enabling the next planned mission on 27 October 1944. He worked much on clearing the Sevastopol harbour off the enemy mines. He deserves a state award – medal “NAKHIMOV”.”


The full translation of the citation can be read here


More info on Ragulin can be found here



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