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Soviet Medal Grouping of a Medal for Bravery #173356, Defense of Stalingrad and Victory over Germany + documents



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Soviet Medal Grouping


Житилов Георгий Макарович


Awarded to Guards Sr. Lieutenant Georgij Makarovich Zhitilov (Георгий Макарович Житилов)


For personally eliminating 6 Fascists during street fighting in STALINGRAD and destroying 3 enemy machine-guns, 1 observation post, and up to 70 enemy troops while leading a mortar crew at Varoponovo


Medal for Bravery #173356 

Made of solid silver and lacquer. Measures 37.46 mm in diameter and 2.88 mm in thickness. The height of the medal is 42.19 mm including its eyelet and it weighs 27.8 gram without its suspension. The suspension measures 25.11 mm in width at its narrowest point and 31.40 at its widest point. 

The medal is in a nice, above average condition with light wear to the silver. The details of the higher laying parts like the rivets on the side of the tank and the canons are all crisp and the majority of the lacquer filling the letters is still present. The silver suspension is original as is the screwplate, hexagon nut and the rectangular plate holding the ribbon. Its screw has not been shortened and its connection ring has not been cut.


Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad (1st variation)

Made of gilded brass. Measures 32.14 mm in width, 36.74 mm in height including its eyelet and weighs 16.3 gram without its suspension.

In excellent, well above average condition with light overall wear only. There are relatively few dings and scratches on both sides and its details remained crisp. The medal comes with its time period double layer steel suspension and its connection ring has not been cut. The patina forms a very appealing ‘tiger stripe’ pattern which is observed occasionally but not often with other campaign medals.

Its accompanying document is in used condition with strong folding lines but all 4 quadrant’s still attached to each other. The document is numbered О 03683 and is dated 16 November 1944


Medal for the Victory over Germany 

Made of gilded brass. Measures 32.15 mm in width, 36.25 mm in height including its eyelet and weighs 16.4 gram without its suspension.

This medal is in superb condition with full gold plating and very light wear only. There are only few contact marks to either side and the medal comes with its time period brass suspension.

Its accompanying document is in good condition with both pages firmly attached. The document is numbered Ш 0097852 and dated 28 June 1946


Great set for street fighting in STALINGRAD hard to find and very desirable!


Short translation of the citation for the Medal for Bravery:

Comrade ZHITILOV has been the deputy commander for political work in the 2 mortar company during the period of 20 January – 05 February 1943. In this period of intensive fighting against the invaders, he proved himself as a courageous and brave officer.

On 22 January 1943, near the village Varoponovo, he led a mortar crew and personally corrected its fire. In this engagement, the mortar crew destroyed 3 enemy light  machine-guns, 1 observation post, and up to 70 enemy troops.

On 27 January 1943, during the street fighting in Stalingrad, comrade ZHITILOV personally eliminated 6 Fascists by the fire of his personal firearm.

For exhibited courage and bravery, he deserves state award medal “FOR COMBAT MERITS”


More information on Lt. Zhitilov can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are 3 battle maps of the 44th Guards Rifle Regiment at Stalingrad 



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