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Soviet Medal for the Defense of Leningrad ‘short horizon’ variation. Comes with its rare and early booklet



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Soviet Medal for the Defense of Leningrad 


Short Horizon variation


Каморда Лука Иванович


Comes with its rare and early booklet to Major Luka Ivanovich Kamorda (Лука Иванович Каморда)



The medal is made of gold plated brass and measures 32.16 mm in diameter, 37.77 mm in height including its eyelet and weighs 17.4 grams without its suspension.

In excellent condition with an appealing patina and light overall wear. Both sides show several small dings and scratches but its details are still perfectly crisp. Its suspension and ribbon are time period to the medal its connection ring has been cut.

The medal comes with its rare early booklet which is in excellent condition as well. There have been no repairs and there is no risk of the 4 folded quadrants tearing. It is dated 29 August 1943 and is numbered Ш 51209


The first page shows a little poem and reads:


Your distant grandson will take the Heroic Medal with reverence

From generation to generation,
she will pass to posterity.
In it, everything that you lived is relentless,
You yourself are in the metal of it,
You yourself are depicted on it.
And the line of fighters and the brilliance of the bayonet,
the Admiralty community.
“For the defense of Leningrad” –
Such an inscription for the ages!
You were the first to take this fight,
You will not be the last to win.
Splinters whistle over the Neva,
More bursts with summer thunder,
Still our day in labor, in struggle
Burns with fire and blood pours.
What the homeland believes in you.
For the unchanging path of the
fighter your high reward.
And you, the defender of Leningrad, –
You will be faithful to the end.

Boris Likharev, 1942

On the last page some text is written:

You shall understand why you fight. If it is for the daring beauty of a feat or for glory, then it is very bad.
Only that feat is beautiful, which is committed for the sale of the people and the Motherland.
Think that you struggle for yours and your lands live, then it all will be vear easy. Feats and glory will come to you themselves.


Some information on Major Kamorda can be found here


Scarce with such an early award booklet



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