Soviet Medal for Combat Merit #1924936



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Soviet Medal for Combat Merit #1924936


Awarded to Sergeant Aleksander Andreevich Grebenyuk (Александр Андреевич Гребенюк)


Quartermaster of the 3rd company of 266 separate repairs battalion 



Made of solid silver. Measures 32.36 mm in diameter and 2.22 mm in thickness. The height of the medal is 37.25 mm including the eyelet and it weighs 17.9 gram without its suspension. 


The medal for Combat Merit is in a nice, about average condition with several dings and scratches on its reverse but less on its obverse. Its details are crisp and the red lacquer filling the lettering is lost. Its connection ring has not been cut and the medal comes with a brass suspension.



Brief, concrete description of his accomplishments:

Sergeant GREBENYUK has been the quartermaster of the 3rd company of 266 separate repairs battalion.
Before this assignment, sergeant GREBENYUK was the head of the locksmith team. His team executed all its production assignments by 200%-250%. He trained other servicemen in the the locksmith techniques, such that they are now proficient in this skills. Sergeant GREBENYUK has been a great company quartermaster. For the order in the company and taking good care of the troops, he has been commended several times by the battalion command. He is the example to other quartermasters of the unit. Sergeant GREBENYUK has been the Patriotic war participant and has been wounded 3 times. He is disciplined and active participant in the political activities.

He is devoted to the cause of party Lenin-Stalin.

He deserves state award – medal “For Combat Merits”.

Signed by the commander of 266 separate repairs battalion.
Colonel of engineering corps /GRUSHIN/
27 March 1945



Full translation of the register card can be read here


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