Soviet Medal for Bravery #2437594



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Medal for Bravery #2437594


Scarce variation with its eyelet screwed into the medal



Made of solid silver. it measures 37.39 mm in diameter and 43.1 mm in height (including the eyelet) and weighs 27.9 gram without its suspension. Unlike most Bravery Medals, the eyelet of this medal has been screwed into the medal and not just soldered on top of it. The known ranges for this sub-variation are 1926271-1956637, 2407144-2539625 and 3010239-3212405. Please note that even though all screw-in variations fall in these ranges, most of the medals in these ranges have their eyelet attached the regular way. 


The medal is in a worn but decent condition with several small contact marks on both sides. All of the red lacquer is lost but its details are mostly visible. Its connection ring has been cut and the double layer steel suspension is time period to the medal.


We included some examples of similar variation medals which show how the eyelet was attached to this medal (last 3 pictures)



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