Soviet Medal for Bravery #1546586



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Soviet Medal for Bravery #1546586


Awarded to Sr. Sergeant Anatolij Aleksandrovicvh Chebotarev (Анатолий Александрович Чеботарев)


For risking his life while arranging supplies and food under heavy enemy fire



Made of solid silver. The medal for Bravery measures 37.33 mm in diameter and 42.70 mm in height (including the eyelet) and it weighs 25.9 gram without its suspension.


The medal is in excellent, well above condition with its details crisp and a light patina on both sides. Most of the original red lacquer is still present and its connection ring has not been cut. The steel suspension and old ribbon are time period to the medal.



Short translation of the research:

258 mortar regiment, 28 mortar “Leningrad” brigade,
23 artillery “Krasnoe Selo” Red Banner breakthrough division of the Supreme Command Reserve.
Decree №022/n on 30 September 1944

Medal “For Bravery”
Sr. Sergeant CHEBOTAREV Anatolij Aleksandrovicvh, 1919.
Master Sergeant of the 2 squadron, 28 mortar “Leningrad” brigade,
23 artillery “Krasnoe Selo” Red Banner breakthrough division of the Supreme Command Reserve.
Wounded in June 1943.

In the forced crossing of the Embach river on 17 September 1944, the enemy attempted to outflank our advanced units and cut off the supply routes to them. He personally organised a defensive party against a group of German troops, which attacked the field kitchen. The repulsed the enemy group and timely delivered hot food to the squadrons personnel. Despite rapid advance of out troops during the combat period 17-24 September 1944, he constantly timely delivered hot tasty meals to the troops, risking his life under enemy fire.
He deserves order “Red Star”.

The commander of 258 mortar regiment
Captain POPOV
29 September 1944


In the picture gallery scans can be found of the Combat diary of the 258 Mortar Regiment and the handout protocol of the Bravery Medal



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