Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #29770



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Soviet Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #29770


Четверяков Владимир Кузьмич


Awarded to Sr. Lt. Vladimir Kuzmich Chetverikov (Владимир Кузьмич Четверяков)


For bravery during the Tatsinakaya Raid at the Battle of Stalingrad


Recommended for the Order of the Red Banner



Made of solid silver, gold and enamels. The order weighs 29.8 gram without its screwplate and measures 42.31 mm in width and 44.92 mm in height.


This early award on suspension has been converted to a screwback by the awardee due to new regulations in 1943 on wearing Soviet awards. Original parts of the suspension were used for this purpose. Apart from this conversion the order is in great condition without enamel repairs or substantial chipping.


A very nice and rare piece of history with historically significant research to the famous Tatsinakaya Raid


Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits:

Head of the signalling service of the regiment Guards Sr.Lt. CHETVERIKOV proved himself in combat as a decisive and brave officer. During the winter fighting period 1942-1943, comrade CHETVERIKOV performed many times quite difficult combat assignments. On 24 December 1942, comrade CHETVERIKOV was assigned to bring a column of 10 ammunition carrying trucks to the positions of 413 Guards mortar squadron located in stanitsa Tatsinskaya supporting 2 Guards “Tatsinskaya” tank corps, which was semi-encircled by the enemy. Comrade CHETVERIKOV honourably fulfilled that mission. The ammunition were delivered in time, so that the squadron salvos eliminated enemy troops and allowed to escape enemy encirclement with small losses together with 2 tank corps. During our offensive towards Rogan’-Vasischevo-Bezlyudovka on 14 August 1943, comrade CHETVERIKOV was ordered to setup wired signalling links between the squadrons and the regiment headquarters.

Sr.Lt. CHETVERIKOV departed on a vehicle to the sovkhoz “Stalin”, but it was still occupied by the German sub-machine gunners, who opened fire at his vehicle. Sr. Lt. CHETVERIKOV acted resolutely. He and his signalmen flanked the enemy and eliminated 6 enemy soldiers, captured and returned to the base their firearms. He established the wire links in proper time, which enabled the squadrons to fire its salvo at enemy troops concentration in the villages Vasischevo-Lezogibovka. The villages were taken by our troops with only small losses. During the winter offensive, as well as during the Kharkov offensive, comrade CHETVERIKOV efficiently establishes signalling networks, such that both the radio and the wireline signalling is always reliable. He also efficiently provides signalling towards the supported rifle units.

For personal courage and bravery, for efficient organisation and command of his signalling units during battles, Sr.Lt. CHETVERIKOV deserves state award order “RED BANNER”.


The full translation can be found below:

– register card

– citation


More info on Lt. Chetverikov can be found here


Also included in the picture gallery are a:

  • map of the escape from Tatsinskaya,
  • map Don front,
  • picture of a memorial for Tatsinakaya raid,
  • diorama Tatsinskaya airfield
  • scan of a picture of Lt. Chetverikov wearing this converted Order of the Patriotic War



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