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Soviet Medal for the Victory over Germany variation 1b with document



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Medal for the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945


Awarded to SMERSH Lt. Justim Klimentievich Dubovoy (Иустим Климентьевич Дубовой) 



Made of brass. Measures 32.10 mm in width, 37.56 mm in height including its eyelet and it weighs 17.6 gram without its suspension. 


This medal is in superb condition with very few visible dings and scratches on either side and crisp details to the raised parts of the medal. The original luster is still visible and the brass suspension is time period to the medal.


Its accompanying document shows the typical red SMERSH stamp, his name and rank, the date 20 August 1945 and the document number Г 0012384


Information on Lt. Dubovoy can be found here and here


We also included his citation for the Medal for Bravery he was awarded in 1942. The translation reads as follows:

Comrade Dubovo, serving as a secretary in the Special Department of the NKVD 14th Tank Brigade, has proven himself to be a capable worker, honestly fulfilling his duties. The paperwork of the Special Department was always excellently formalized and maintained. During combat operations, he showed courage and bravery. In July 1942, when the Department was under German tank fire, Comrade Dubovo personally drove a vehicle with operational documents out of the firing zone. On July 3, 1942, in Novoselskoye, together with three fighters, he protected vehicles with operational documents, ensuring they did not fall into enemy hands.


СМЕРШ (‘SMERSH’) is a portmanteau of the Russian-language phrase Смерть шпионам (“Death to Spies”). Originally focused on combating German spies infiltrating the Soviet military, the organization quickly expanded its mandate: to find and eliminate any subversive elements.


And the citation for his Red Star: 

He has been in the army since 1939 and in SMERSH since 1941. Participated in combat operations of South-Western, Bryansk, Voronezh, Steppe, 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian fronts.
He works as detective in the counter-intelligence SMERSH department of 3 Ukrainian front and executes Command’s special missions. Exhibits resourcefulness and bravery.





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