Soviet Medal for the Defense of Sevastopol Variation 1a



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Soviet Medal for the Defense of Sevastopol 


Variation without a raised rim on its obverse and a larger distance between the ends of the naval cap tally


Made of gilded brass. Measures 32.08 mm in width,
36.81 mm in height, including the eyelet and it weighs 17.0 gram. 


This medal is in a nice, about average condition considering it is an early wartime production. There are several dings and scratches on both sides but none distracting from the overall appeal of the medal. The higher laying parts show medium to strong wear but most details are still visible. The double layer steel suspension is time period to the medal and its connection ring has been cut.


Scarce earliest production


This medal was awarded to all participants in the defence of Sevastopol. Both to soldiers and civilians, who took part in the defence of Sevastopol during its siege by German forces. 



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