Jubilee Badge in Memory of the 10th Anniversary of the RKM of the RSFSR



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 Jubilee Badge in Memory of the 10th Anniversary of the RKM of the RSFSR (Main Directorate of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Militia)


Wide type in silver with Uzbekistan shield


This large and solid badge is made of gilded silver and enamels. It measures 51.30 mm in height, 35.44 mm in width and It weighs 20.7 gram without its screwplate. The reverse shows silver hallmarks as does the screwplate. This badge is basically the same as the ‘standard’ badges but has a small shield attached at is bottom showing ‘УзССР’ over the standard ‘РСФСР’ indicating it was awarded to Uzbeks.


The badge is in better than average condition with all details perfectly visible and light overall wear to the silver. A fair amount of gold plating is still visible on its reverse and on the wreath. The blue enamels are extremely well preserved without dings, flaking or repairs. The red enamels are mostly present and original but show a repair on both lower parts next to the wreath. The badge comes with its original silver screwplate and the screw is slightly bent upwards but in full length.


A beautiful and rare variation of an already rare badge


Established by the government of the RSFSR on October 10, 1927. These silver badges were awarded to employees with continuous work experience in the Workers’ and Peasants’ Militia (NKVD) for 7 to 10 years. 



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