Group of Soviet medals consisting of 2 Medals for Bravery #541773 & #2113548 + award booklet



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Group of Soviet Medals for Bravery with document


Awarded to Scout/Driver Private Nikolaj Eliseevich Pertsovoj (Перцовой Николай Елисеевич)


For spotting and geolocating 11 enemy artillery batteries and saving equipment during combat



Medal for Bravery #541773

Made of solid silver and lacquer. Measures 42.31 mm in height including its eyelet, 37.24 mm in width and it weighs 27.5 gram. The medal is in excellent condition with its details perfectly visible and most of the red lacquer still present. Its connection ring has not been cut and its steel suspension is time period to the medal.


Medal for Bravery #2113548

Made of solid silver. Measures 42.61 mm in height including its eyelet, 37.47 mm in width and it weighs 27.4 gram. The medal is in nice condition with most details present. The red lacquer has been lost and its connection ring has not been cut. Its steel suspension is time period to the medal.


Award booklet

The booklet mentions both awards but is in worn condition and some pages are missing. The award numbers are hard to read but still there. The name of the awardee on its first page is unreadable unfortunately.



Citation for Medal for Bravery #541773

He has been serving in the RKKA field forces since June 1941. He proved himself as a courageous artillery scout. Having mastered the art of being a scout, he spotted and precisely geolocated 11 enemy artillery batteries. On many occasions, he detected the enemy force concentrations preparing for an assault.


Citation for Medal for Bravery  #2113548

In the offensive operation during 20/Jan – 11/Feb of 1945, comrade PERTSOVOJ was delivering the ammunition to the batteries of the 3 artillery squadron. On 20 January 1945, he was subjected to heavy enemy artillery fire while delivering supplies to the 9th battery. With his skilful manoeuvring, he managed to take his truck out of the danger zone and delivered the munitions to the unit in time. On 04 February 1945, comrade PERTSOVOJ participated most actively in fending off a German attack on the 8th battery positions near the town Landsberg. After the danger was lifted, he managed to take his truck out an enemy artillery strike zone and avoided any damage to his truck and ammunition load. Comrade PERTSOVOJ is one of the most energetic and brave serviceman of the ammunition supply platoon. He deserves state award – medal “For Bravery”.12 February 1945Comamnder of 3rd squadronMajor RAEVSKIJ


The full translation of the research can be found below:

– Register card

– Citation


More information on Pertsovoj can be found here



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