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Small Documented Group of Soviet Awards. Order of the Red Banner #34703 and Red Star #2257315



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Documented Group of Soviet Awards


Тураев Николай Ефимович


Awarded to Colonel Nikolay Efimovich Turaev (Николай Ефимович Тураев)


For huge successes with his regiment and personally flying 10 sorties


Recommended for the Order of Lenin  



This group of Soviet awards consists of the following items:


Order of the Red Banner #34703

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 45.16 mm in height, 35.95 mm in width and weighs 26.0 gram without its suspension. The mint mark Monetni Dvor and the serial number are located at the bottom of its reverse.

This original order is in worn condition with enamel loss on the centre star and left side of the top banner. It has been converted according to ‘new’ 1943 regulations on wearing Soviet awards. As it appears this is probably done by the awardee himself and not professionally or by the mint. The higher laying parts show medium wear although most details are still visible.


Order of the Red Star #2257315

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 48.29 in width, 46.45 in height and weighs 30.9 gram without its screwplate.

The order is in excellent condition apart from the enamel repair on the 7 o’clock ray of the star. Its details are all visible and its screw has not been shortened. The order comes with its time period and well fitted screwplate.


Order Booklet 

In worn condition but with all pages present. The booklet mentions both awards above and additional awards which are missing (among which an Order for Lenin and Red Banner 2nd award)


Two original pictures portraying Turaev

The pictures are in excellent condition and show Turaev wearing both awards above. You can clearly see the enamel on the red star was not yet repaired at that point.


Certificate for the Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad

Dated 10 July 1943 and is numbered Б 29588



Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits

Comrade TURAEV served in the active field forces of the Western from during the period from 22.06.1941 till 10.07.1941. Since 18.01.1942, he is 617 aviation regiment military commissar on the Kalinin front. In the period from 18.01.1942 till 12.04.1942, the regiment conducted 672 night combat sorties with total flying time 937 hours 19 minutes. 3538 bombs or 170 tons of load was released against the enemy ground targets and troops, 14000 rounds fired. 2 million leaflets in German language spread around. As the result of these successful missions, the regiment inflicted the following damage to the enemy: Destroyed 50 tanks and vehicles, 3 artillery batteries, 1 fuel depot, and 150 houses with enemy personnel. Damaged or destroyed enemy aircrafts on the ground: 15 in Rzhev and Sely area, 16 in the village Dugino. Rail line Rzhev-Olenino was severed in 10 places. 15 antiaircraft batteries suppressed and up to 8 infantry battalions eliminated. On top of that, 300 tons of supplies was delivered to our encircled troops. 50 tons of supplies were airlifted to the TIMOFEEV’s cavalry corps. The regiment personnel acts bravely and determined in the missions against the German invaders. For this effort, the regiment personnel was issued a gratitude and 36 men were recommended for awards, and 8 men were recommended for the second time. In the period from 10.01.1942 till 12.04.1942 the regiment lost 5 men (4 as combat loss) and 9 aircrafts (4 as combat loss). Personally, comrade TURAEV made 10 sorties (8 hours flying time) during this period. Of these, 8 were the weather reconnaissance missions.

For exemplary organisation of combat operations in the regiment and good political work among the personnel, and according the directive №0299 of the People Commissariat of Defence of USSR, I recommend him for state award – order “LENIN”.


The full translation can be found here


More info on Colonel Turaev can be found here



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