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Documented Group of Soviet Awards. Order of the Red Banner Mirror Reverse #4312, Red Star, Patriotic War 2nd class and Medal for Combat Merit + more



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Documented Group of Soviet Awards




Awarded to Pilot and Sr. Lt. Stepan Semyonovich Evtushenko (Степан Семенович Евтушенко)


For fighting the White Finns in the Winter War in 1940 where he made 27 combat sorties



This group of Soviet awards consists of the following items:


Order of the Red Banner Mirror Reverse #4312

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 39.98 mm in height, 36.04 mm in width and weighs 22.4 gram without its screwplate. Its serial number is stamped on the bottom of its reverse.

This order is in a suburb, well above average condition for a ‘mirror reverse’ Red Banner. The red enamels are almost fully present with just some microscopic chipping around the edges and a tiny chip on the top left of large banner. The white enamels are perfect without damage and repairs; even the white enamels surrounding the center hammer and sickle are pristine. Its details are perfectly visible and even the higher laying parts like the flag pole and center wreath show light wear only.  Both sides show an appealing medium dark patina which matches the patina on the screwplate perfectly. The screwplate is correct for this early mirror reverse red banner with a wide screw and fits well. There have been no repairs or conversions and its screw has not been shortened.

A truly amazing piece. Hard to upgrade


Order of the Red Star #3038684

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 47.58 mm in height, 48.06 mm in width and weighs 30.2 gram without its screwplate.

In an excellent, well above average condition. All details are crisp and the higher laying parts show virtually no wear. The enamels are fabulous without repairs, dings or scratches. The reverse is in excellent condition too and shows a medium dark patina. The screwpost is full length and the order comes with its time period screwplate.


Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class #3150970

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 46.22 mm in height, 43.89 mm in width and weighs 27.2 gram without its screwplate.

This order is in near mint condition with all details crisp and perfect enamels. It comes with its original, time period and well fitted screwplate and its screw is full length. All plating is still present.


Medal for Combat Merit #3075716

Made of solid silver and red lacquer. The medal itself measures 32.04 mm in diameter, 37.30 mm in height including the eyelet and weighs 18.7 gram without its suspension.

In nice condition with crisp details and relatively few traces of wear. Most of the red lacquer is still present although part of the 3rd ‘C’ is missing most. Its connection ring has not been cut and the brass suspension is time period to the medal


Several documents and newspapers

Next to the awards there are several original documents present in this lot. Among which letters, IDs, newspapers and even short -handwritten- autobiographies. These can be found in the picture gallery and some translations can be read at the bottom of this page.



For the pilot-instructor of 6 aviation squadron, 29 aviation regiment, 2 night piloting officer school of the long range aviation, Sr. LT. EVTUSHENKO Stepan Semyonovich, 1914.

Participated in the war against the White Finns in 1940 and made 27 combat sorties.

He is devoted to the cause of Lenin-Stalin party and the Socialist Motherland. He is ideologically reliable and morally stable. During the Patriotic war he has been efficiently training the new crews for the front line aviation troops. He trained 18 combat crews for the long range aviation units. He is effective in organising the training process in the pilot crews and has effective training methods. He is demanding towards himself and his subordinates. He maintains the aircrafts under his responsibility in good technical condition. He is possesses excellent piloting skills. He can fly during both the day and night time and in adverse weather conditions. He overall flying log is 630 hours, of which 120 hours are during night.


Autobiography Lt. Evtushenko:

I, EVTUSHENKO Stepan Semyonovich, was born 07 May (24 April) 1914 in the village Petropavlovka, Petropavlovka district, Dniepropetrovsk region.

In 1930, I finished 7 years school. In 1931, I was admitted as a pupil into the Professional technical school at the Makeevka metallurgical plant in the settlement Makeevka (Donetsk region). After I graduated from the Professional technical school in 1933, I was working as metal lathe mechanist on the same metallurgical plant until September 1935. I became VLKSM member in 1931. At the same, time while working at the plant, I studied at the evening workers school. This study allowed me later to be admitted to the Kiev Industrial Institute, where I studied for 1 year. In the Spring 1936, I was subject of the special draft and was sent to the 1st “Myasnikov” Kachin Aviation school. I graduated from the pilot school in 1938 and was sent to continue my service in the Leningrad Military District, town Staraya Russa, in the rank of Junior Pilot of a combat aircraft.

In September 1939, I participated in the defence of the people of Western Ukraine and the Western Belorussia from the despotism of the Polish magnates. In the same year, after the White Finns provoked the military conflict, I actively participated in the combat actions for the defence of our Motherlands north-western border and the Lenin’s city from the encroachments off the Finnish White forces. For excellent execution of the combat missions on the front, I was bestowed with “Red Banner” order and an official gratitude letter from the Command. In the Summer 1940, I participated in the control actions following the agreement with Romania (regarding removal of their troops) from Bessarabia, which Romania unlawfully took from USSR. In November 1940, I was sent to continue my service at the Military Navigator School, where I served as a pilot-instructor of a combat aircraft (until 08 December 1945).

In 1940, I married GLADKAYA Nadezdda Nikolaevna (a teacher, born in Kirivograd region, who died in 1942 of typhoid fever). After my wife’s death, my son EVTUSHENKO Vyacheslav Stepanovich also died.

For effective training of the new crews for the front line aviation troops, I was bestowed with order “Red Star” and a gratitude letter from the VLKSM Central Committee.

At the end of December 1945, I was sent to serve at the Military Unit № 21224 according the telegraph dispatch from the Commander. On 05 January 1946, I was assigned a position in this unit, where I have been serving until this day.

My farther EVTUSHENKO Semyon Stepanovich and my mother EVTUSHENKO Praskovya Panteleimonovna have always (also before 1917) been living in my birth place village, where they work the land. At present, they are kolkhoz members. My sister EVTUSHENKO Uliana Semyonovna works at the lubricant factory and lives with my family. My brother EVTUSHENKO Mikhail Semyonovich, after he was demobilised in the second wave, has been working as a bookkeeper at the local motor vehicle pool. My family and the relatives lived on the German occupied territory from 1941 to 1943. My brother-in-low, KOZLENKO Afanasij Khoritonovich 1909, was a prisoner of war (in Romania) and passed the filtration. At present, he works as a tractor driver in the kolkhoz “Progress”, Dniepropetrovsk region.

I have been bestowed with medal “For Combat Merits” by the Supreme Soviet of USSR for long and impeccable service in the armed forces. In October 1945, I seized my VLKSM membership due to my age.

24 January 1949

I confirm EVTUSHENKO’s signature and handwriting.
Signed by the Chief of Staff of the military unit № 21224
Guards Lt. Colonel DUDENKO
11 February 1949


Pilot skills assessment:

For the flight commander of the military unit #21224-Б
Guards Captain EVTUSHENKO Stepan Semyoinovich

Born 1914, Ukrainian, single, none party member, civilian profession – metal works turner.

He graduated from the 1st “Myasnikov” Red Banner military aviation pilot school in tone Kachin in 1938.
He participated in the Finnish campaign and in the liberation of the Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia. He has conducted 43 combat missions, for which he has a state award order “Red Banner”. For effective training of the night pilot crews, he was bestowed with order “Red Star”.
He piloted the following aircraft types: Po-2, R-5, R-6, SB, DB-3F, and IL-4. He overall logged flying time is 1150 hours 30 minutes, of which 250 are night hours.
He can fly both day and night, as well as in adverse weather conditions. He loves to fly.
While in the air, he acts calmly, steadily and resiliently. He routinely trains the other pilots and shares his piloting experience with the subordinates.

Commander of the unit
Hero of Soviet Union
Guards Major /YAKOVLEV/

29 September 1948


More info on Lt. Evtushenko can be found here



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