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Documented group of an Order of Glory 3rd class #195117 and 3 (!) Medals for Bravery #2542133, #2070350, #1674176



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Documented Group of an Order of Glory and 3 (!) Medals for Bravery



Awarded to Scout Manuil Ivanovich Senkov (Мануил Иванович Сеньков)



For penetrating the enemy lines and obtaining valuable information on several occasions, capturing 4 enemy scouts in a mission and killing 4 enemy soldiers by fire of his rifle 



The group consist of the following items:


Order of Glory #195117

Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 47.15 mm in width, 48.97 mm in height and weighs 21.0 grams. The serial number is located on top of its reverse.

This order is in a nice, above average condition with most details still visible and medium overall wear. The enamels are fully present and show some dings and superficial flaking but are otherwise problem free and without repairs. The order shows a medium dark patina on both sides and its connection ring has been cut.


Medal for Bravery #2542133

Made of solid silver. Measures 37.21 mm in width, 42.286 mm in height (including its eyelet) and weighs 27.4 grams.

The medals is in a decent, worn condition with most details visible. Most of the red lacquer has worn off and the medal shows a medium patina on both sides. Its connection ring has not been cut.


Medal for Bravery #2070350

Made of solid silver. Measures 37.40 mm in width, 42.19 mm in height (including its eyelet) and weighs 28.4 grams.

In similar condition to the previous Bravery Medal with uncut connection ring.


Medal for Bravery #1674176

Made of solid silver. Measures 37.09 mm in width, 41.97 mm in height (including its eyelet) and weighs 28.1 grams.

Also in worn but decent condition with several small dings and scratches and uncut connection ring


Order Booklet

The awards come with their booklet in excellent condition with all pages firmly attched to its cover. It mentions the awardees name and all 4 serial numbers above. The document is numbered ‘Д 747237’.



Short translation of his achievements:


Medal for Bravery 01 (15.10.1944):

Scout of a reconnaissance platoon on foot, corporal Senkov Manchil Ivanovich, on October 13, 1944 in the area of the village of Brateri with a group of scouts penetrating to the enemy, he obtained valuable information and safely returned back. Comrade Senkov is a courageous and brave scout.


Order of Glory 3rd class (14.01.1945):

On December 27th, 1944, corporal SINKOV, acting on the flank of the battalion during the offensive under the settlement of DIBELYAS, captured three scouts – artillerymen of the enemy. In reconnaissance operations on December 31st, 1944 and on January 1st and 2nd 1945, under the farm of KAMBOLI, he accurately carried out the task of reconnaissance of the enemy’s defense and brought the necessary information. On January 1st and 2nd, 1945, participating in the reflection of an enemy counterattack, he killed two enemy soldiers by fire of his rifle.

Worthy of awarding the Order of “Glory” ІІІ degree ”


Medal for Bravery 02 (01.04.1945):

Scout of a platoon of reconnaissance on foot, corporal SENKOV, Manuil Ivanovich.
In a battle on 03/26/1945, in a forest area east of the “Ini” farm, he blocked a group of enemy scouts, capturing one German and killing another by fire from his machine pistol.


Medal for Bravery 03 (19.05.1945):

On 05/08/1945, the scout of a platoon of reconnaissance on foot, corporal SENKOV, Manuil Ivanovich, in the area of a School, fulfilling the task of identifying enemy firing points, he moved to no man’s land and revealed 4 firing points under fierce enemy fire. The data of Senkov helped to quickly crush them and contributed to the advance of the infantry.



More info on Senkov can be found here


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