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Complete Documented Group of Soviet Awards: Order of the Red Star #206340, Medals for Bravery #2531293, Combat Merit #339277, Stalingrad and Prague



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Complete Documented Group of Soviet Awards


Awarded to supply truck driver Grigory Mikhailovich Orlov (Иван Николаевич Саулин)


Sgt. Orlov received his awards for bravery in Lviv during the high tide of the German advance in 1941, at Stalingrad during the German siege in 1942/43 and at Kursk during operation “Zitadelle” in the summer of 1943


The group contains the following items:


Order of the Red Star #206340

Made of silver and enamels. Measures 47.67 mm in width, 46.32 mm in height and weighs 27.9 grams without its screwplate. The mint mark is located above, and the serial number underneath the screw post. Scarce early variation with a round base at the screwpost, often referred to as ‘heel’.

In worn condition with a fair amount of details still visible. The enamels are without repairs but show loss on the 5 and 9 o’clock rays of the star and damage on the 7 o’clock ray. Its reverse is in much better condition with few dings and scratches and shows an appealing star shape patina. The order comes with a time period silver screwplate.


Medal for Bravery #2531293

Made of solid silver and lacquer. Measures 37.38 mm in width, 42.47 mm in height including its eyelet and it weighs 28.0 grams.

The medal is in above average condition with medium overall wear. There are several small dings and scratches on both sides but all details are still visible and well over 80% of the red lacquer is still present. There have been no repairs and its connection ring has not been cut. Both sides show an appealing dark patina.


Medal for Combat Merit #339277

Made of solid silver. Measures 32.16 mm in diameter, 37.27 mm in height including its eyelet and it weighs 17.2 grams.

Also in above average condition considering it is an early wartime piece. it shows medium to strong wear to the higher laying parts. Most of the red lacquer filling the lettering ‘CCCP’ is still present although it is covered by some dirt. This piece was originally awarded on a rectangular suspension which was replaced by a pentagon shaped one according to new 1943 regulations on wearing Soviet awards.


Medal for the Defence of Stalingrad with document

Made of brass. Measures 32.09 mm in diameter, 36.94 mm in height including its eyelet and it weighs 16.5 grams.

The medal is in excellent condition with several small dings and scratches but most details perfectly visible. Its connection ring has not been cut.

Its accompanying document is in rather poor condition but still clearly shows the stamp of the 70th Guards Rifle Division and his name. The document is taped on its reverse.


Medal for the Liberation of Prague with document

Made of brass. Measures 32.23 mm in diameter, 37.37 mm in height including its eyelet and it weighs 17.2 grams.

In excellent condition with much gold plating still present and crisp details. Its obverse shows some corrosion to the brass.

The document is in good condition and both pages are firmly attached to each other.


Order booklet in good condition with all pages present. It mentions all of the numbered awards above



Translation of the citation for the Red Star:

“During the period of hostilities in the Orel – Kursk direction about 5 to 10 July 1943. Perform the task Command haul ammunition firing positions regiments of the division. Comrade Orlov Grigory Mikhailovich showed courage and bravery during this time, during this time he brought up 24 ammunition vehicles under enemy fire day and night in a Gaz AA car and took 27 wounded soldiers a commander and 5 containers from the battlefield.


Translation of the citation for the Medal for Bravery:

“Comrade ORLOV, working as a driver of the political department car with party documents and secret correspondence, showed examples of work in difficult conditions of hostilities. Having excellently studied the car repair business, he helps young drivers in mastering the technique. For all the time it has not had a single accident and breakdown, the machine is in exemplary condition. In the Lviv operation, when the car came under heavy enemy artillery and mortar fire, comrade. ORLOV, despite the mortal danger, took the car out of the shelling zone and ensured the function of the party. Comrade ORLOV is worthy of the government award Medal for Bravery.”


Translation of the citation for the Medal for Combat Merit:

“During the period of stay in the company, Comrade Orlov showed disciplined, restrained and fearless.

In the fighting at close and distant approaches to Stalingrad with car “Gaz-AA” Comrade Orlov not counting his exhaustion at day and night , do not let the steering wheel out of the hands , delivers food and ammunition in time. In the battle for the defense of Stalingrad, he showed exceptional workmen business driving the car. In November he had 29 working days to make 2980 km and 475 tons of cargo transported and had no accidents or breakdowns. For exemplary performance of tasks of command has a number of thanks.”


More info on Sgt. Orlov can be found here



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