Badge to an Excellent Worker in the Bureau of Far Eastern Construction and Development #331



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Badge to an Excellent Worker in the Bureau of Far Eastern Construction and Development #331


GUSDS (Gulag Far Eastern Construction) NKVD (ГУСДС НКВД)


Silver variation 1940-1941



Made of solid silver and enamels. Measures 28.95 mm in height, 22.68 mm in width and weighs 7.1 gram without its screwplate. Its serial number and ‘MD’mint mark can be found on its reverse.


The badge is in superb condition with all details crisp and an appealing even dark patina on both sides. The white and red enamels are flawless without repairs and free from scratches or chipping. The silver base is without substantial dings or scratches and its screw has not been shortened. Its screwplate fits perfectly well and is authentic to the badge.


At first glance, it these badges seem innocuous (badges for construction, development, canals, etc). But, in fact, they were GULAG labor camps which dotted the Soviet landscape. The badge above is the only one which spells out that chilling fact: ГУСДС НКВД – GUSDS (Gulag Far Eastern Construction) NKVD


This badge is a departmental insignia of the Main Directorate for the Construction of the Far North (Dalstroy) under the NKVD of the USSR (formed on March 4, 1938, on March 15, 1946 it was transformed into the eponymous Central Directorate under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR). The regulation on the badge was approved on the basis of the resolution of the SNK of the USSR No. 641 of May 4, 1940.


Extremely rare piece in great condition!



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