Order for Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR 3rd class #16271



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Soviet Order for Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR 3rd class #16271



Awarded to Colonel Aleksandr Ivanovich Kumpan (Александр Иванович Кумпан)




Made of silver and enamels. Measurements; 57.42 mm in width; 57.31 mm in height and weighs 62.9 gram. The mint mark “Monjetnij dvor” is located above the screw post in one curved line and the serial number “16271” is positioned at the bottom of its reverse. The minimum known serial number awarded is 0043, the maximum is 140290.


This original order is in excellent condition with all details crisp. The blue and white enamels are flawless and there are few dings or scratches. There have been no repairs and the screw has not been shortened. Both sides show an appealing dark patina.



Brief, concrete description of his feat of arms or achievements:

“He has been serving in his current position since January 8, 1972. During this time he has gained considerable experience in working independently and he has fully mastered all matters pertaining to mobilization readiness and resource record maintenance. He is capable of developing a mobilization plan for the province’s resources, which he is capable of strictly adhering to during the plan’s execution period. Within the province’s military commissariat and the cities’ military commissariats he set up a fine technical communications infrastructure for mobilization activities. He constantly looks for new, more advanced methods to oversee the mobilization. The military commissariat’s plan is always kept up to date. He devotes a great deal of attention to and structurally assists the mobilization readiness of the military commissariats in the province’s various cities and districts. He strives toward up-to-date records on mobilization resources, particularly transport vehicles, and demands the same of the subordinate military commissars. He is actively involved in conscription preparations and the drafting of young men into the Armed Forces of the USSR. He regularly takes special training lessons and demands the same of the personnel of the province’s military commissariats. He maintains a working relationship with the local Party and Soviet bodies. He is disciplined and dutiful. He commands authority within the province. In 1974 the duties of the military commissariat’s 1st Section were assesses as being in fine condition.

Conclusion: For the successes he achieved in military and political training and for upholding a high level of mobilization readiness in the province’s military commissariats, he deserves to be awarded the Order for Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR, 3rd Class.”



Full translation of the research can be found here: Translation_Kumpan




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