Soviet Medal for Distinction in the Protection of Public Order with document



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Soviet Medal for Distinction in the Protection of Public Order


With document awarded to Zinon Martselievich Gultyaev (Зинон Марцельевич Гультяев)


Gultyaev was head of the KGB in Kamchatka



Made of silver plated German silver. It measures 32.22 mm in width and 2.89 mm in thickness at the very edge of the medal. The height of the medal is 37.14 mm (including the eyelet) and it weighs 17.3 gram.


The medal is in near mint condition with crisp details and full silver plating. It shows almost no wear and even the details at the higher laying parts are perfectly visible. The suspension and ribbon are time period to the medal and its connection ring has not been cut.


The document is in good condition but its middle page is no longer attached to the booklet’s cover. It is dated 9 November 1962 and is numbered 022183



Next to impossible to upgrade and with an attractive patina on the silver plating. Scarce set awarded to a high ranking KGB chief.


More info on Gultyaev can be found here and here


Extra info: Gultyaev got a Red Star in September 1945 for “Direct and efficient leadership in exposing and eliminating counter-revolutionary elements, and thus providing normal functioning environment for the industry and transportation in the Far East region.”



Awarded to members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and its Internal Troops for aiding in preserving public order; to all service personnel of the militsiya for courage shown during the liquidation of criminal groups and arrest of criminal; or for excellence in organizing and coordinating militia in combating crime or for selfless acts during the prevention of hooliganism/alcoholism/theft.



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